Residential Experiences

Optional oppurtunities for residential learning occurs each semester providing students with an opportunity to collaborate and network with each other; work closely with faculty to integrate their practical and theoretical learning; refine and focus their research question and methodologies; and participate directly in a range of projects that demonstrate successful applied community change strategies and methods. These experiences stimulate the rich exchange of ideas, foster social interactions and create lasting professional connections. They also provide a solid foundation for integrating the virtual and community-based learning activities that are the hallmark of a Future Generations education.


International Residentials: Students from all the regions gather at an international site for three weeks. They attend lectures and presentations, collaborate with peers, and visit community projects that reinforce their knowledge base.


Regional Residentials: Students gather with colleagues in their respective regions to work directly with faculty, their Regional Academic Directors, and each other to integrate their online learning; present progress reports on their practicum projects; and observe and participate in successful community-based change projects in development, peacebuilding, and conservation.