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Engaging the World through Instruction & Research

Future Generations is working toward the future of higher education. Students use their home communities, spread across the globe, as classrooms. Through a global faculty, a variety of cutting edge learning platforms, and face-to-face residential mentor-ship experiences, these student communities are brought together into a global network of peer interaction.

The Future Generations University was created in 2003 as a project of Future Generations, a global non-profit focusing on community-based conservation. Its mission was and is to scale up the successful projects and research around the world by building the capacity of established social change agents within their own communities. To achieve this, the university offers a Master of Arts in Applied Community Change with optional concentrations in conservation and peace-building.

To date, more than 70 students from nearly 30 countries have received their MA from Future Generations. In the process they have gained skills and knowledge in grant writing, social media management, social entrepreneurship, strategic planning, conflict resolution, community health, and sustainable natural resource management. These students, now part of a thriving alumni network, work together to apply these skills to some of the planet's most pressing issues. Everything from climate change to terrorism.

In addition to the masters degree, the university offers a number of certificates. It also maintains an expanding applied research division that builds the evidence that the curriculum draws from.

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